10 Balletcore-Perfect Ribbon & Bow Nail Art Ideas

Stick to pastel pink nail polish to go full ballerina. Russell recommends using the Nails, Inc. mani marker to draw the most delicate lines possible.

Beautiful in Pink

The coquette community loves 3D nail art. These chunky acrylic bows are both bold and elegant. 

Extremely Real

Teeny, tiny bows are particularly attractive, especially when combined with darker colors.

Finished with a Bow

If you're looking for a striking chromatic look, try on a set of silver bows. They will stand out and shine on a neutral base, such as this balletcore pink with minimalist vibes.

Metallicize It

To really embrace the coquette-ness of it all, have your nail artist apply a few charming 3D appliqués. 

Corset Style

Ribbon nail art may range from over-the-top to charming and simplistic, according to Jenny Kim, founder of Korean company UUUUU. Gel Press Ons. 

Slipper for Ballet

2D ribbons are another way to wear the trend, so don't feel like you're missing out if you keep things basic, advises Kim.

It's all in the details.

Baby bows look great on a chrome base, such as this rose gold and black pair. Hand-drawn bows, according to Kim, have a feminine, timeless look.

Chrome Coquette

 For the ultimate ribboncore manicure, request a variety of puffy hearts and bows from your nail artist.

Blue Baby

Choose a white to pink ombré effect for your coquette nails, then add a few super-subtle white ribbons on top.

Small Bows

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