10 Bedrooms Teenage Girls Will Love

Your daughter can display their interests in their room. These whimsical dog photo plates can be used to express a person's affection for animals or to honor their best friend. 

Girl's Best Friend

The loft bedroom of your teen can still have flair and character. Blakely Interior Design employs patterned wallpaper, bedding, and furniture to create color and visual appeal to the small space. 

A Colorful Loft Bedroom

Your teen lady needs a space to study or create in her room. 

A Creative Space

A mural may alter a bedroom with minimal effort and expense. Behind the bed, Britt Design Studio installed a wallpaper cloud mural in ballet pink and blue.  

A Dreamy Wall Mural

This teen's bedroom resembles a trendy urban loft due to the white brick wallpapered accent wall. 

An Urban Loft Design

This bedroom, which resembles a secret garden, is a fantasy. This accent wall by Michelle Berwick is a beautiful garden decal that any teen girl (or adult) would love. 

A Secret Garden Mural

A Little French Flair

This blue and gold bedroom décor is perfect for a French-loving teen.

Bold + Bright

Your child deserves a room that reflects her vivacious and daring attitude. This bright pink accent wall is a cost-effective way for a girl with a strong personality to feel like her room reflects her individuality.

Butterfly Wall Art

If your daughter like butterflies, she will enjoy a butterfly display in her room. This lovely girl's bedroom features soft blues, greens, and brilliant pinks, which are complemented by 3D gold butterflies.

Pineapple Paradise

Teens should have imaginative bedrooms. From the Andy Warhol-inspired pineapple wallpaper to the whimsical cloud cushions and bright yellow canopy bed, Mary Patton Design's bedroom is full of color.

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