10 Easy DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Top a milky background with a red blood drip for a basic but eerie look. Elizabeth Garcia, a celebrity nail artist who perfects the drippy style, recommends using bobby pins or toothpicks.

Bloody Good

Simple and natural, this manicure features Halloween icons. Top a glossy, neutral manicure with French tips and drippy accents on certain fingers and nail stickers like Deco Miami's Spooky Sheet ($10) on others to achieve a similar appearance.

Boo-tiful Design

For an easy, evocative Halloween mani, try a solid color with shimmer or chrome. Green nails like this shimmery slime combination are "perfect for showing your witchier side without being obvious," says essie global lead educator Rita Remark.

Slime-Time Entertainment

A single accent nail makes nail art easier. Start with a four-finger almond-shaped French manicure for this set. Consider painting every other nail black for a minimalist look.

Ghosts With the Most

It's easier than you think to receive hazy tips. Garcia suggests applying ink to your fingernails once the base color dries, then "take your brush of choice, dip it in a bit of alcohol, and touch the existing ink that's already on the nail with it," she says.

Up in Smoke

Decals and manicure stickers may give you detailed nails without much time or effort; "There are no nail art skills or tools required," adds Remark. "It is, however, very important that you apply them properly to prevent them from lifting."

Spooky Doodle

These magical nails have an ombré transition from a subtle nude to a vivid green at the tips and a glittering gold line that resembles Medusa's serpentine strands.

A Medusa Moment

This stunning design has a delicate line of sparkling black lacquer at the cuticles and a glossy, your-nails-but-better tone on the rest of the nails. Easy to achieve, the Halloween style is striking and unique.

Shimmering Cuticle

This celestial ensemble is witchy without being "Halloween," making it ideal for those seeking ambiguity. Nail stickers can mimic pros' freehand gold drawings on black varnish.

Midnight Magic

You can also forego the nail painting and have a Halloween-themed plain color mani. That includes black, white, and green, but we love orange—it's wonderful for fall and looks seasonal on November 1 as well as October 31.

6. Celery Juice

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