10 Fancy French Manicure Designs That Will Take Your Classic Nails To The Next Level

The French manicure is a timeless look that will most likely be around for a long time. Orly International CEO Jeff Pink devised it in 1975,

seeing a need for a simple nail style choice for female actresses. The look gained popularity after being seen on celebrities such as Cher 

 and Barbra Streisand, and as with many long-lasting trends, we've witnessed various evolutions of the French manicure throughout the years.

The classic French manicure will always have a special place in our hearts, but we enjoy seeing how people have adapted and altered the style over

the years to give it new vitality. Whether you choose to soften your look with a French fade or to up the ante with bright colors and glitter

the French manicure is a terrific way to make a classic design your own. A sophisticated variation on the French manicure may be just

he spot to start if you're a glam fashionista looking to freshen up her nails with something a little different.

We have the perfect fancy French manicure look for you if you're an understated lady who likes to step outside the box without going overboard: a half-red, half-nude French mani.

Go half-red, half-nude

What artist doesn't adore watercolors? Nobody we know, for certain. Give your French manicure a watercolor makeover for something truly unique and eye-catching.

A watercolor French fade is gentle and stunning

If you consider yourself to be a bit more edgy, the angled French manicure could be a terrific variation on the classic for you.

Try an angled French mani

Sure, a basic French manicure only uses one color (or two if you're also painting the base of your nail), but we urge you to experiment with different hues.

A multi-toned chevron French mani is très chic

If you're constantly daydreaming about galaxies far, far away, treat yourself to a galaxy-inspired French manicure. Glitter polish is a requirement in this situation.

Make them galaxy-inspired

You always get flowery nails at the salon and are hesitant to switch to any other current nail design, French manicure included.

Choose floral French tips.

Perhaps a solid manicure is too mainstream for you, and you need to add something extra to glam it up a little. When that mood hits, 

Add flecks of glitter on top

You're a schoolgirl at heart who strives to exude lovely, innocent, feminine feelings everywhere you go, including your nails.

Decorate them with bows

Those who want to add a little shimmer and glam to their nails are undoubtedly used to doing so on a regular basis

Add in some gemstones

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