10 low-carb, keto-friendly vegetables to try

Celery (0.2 carbs per small stalk)

Celery is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse with numerous health advantages, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure and aiding in weight management. 

Asparagus (2.4 carbs per cup)

Asparagus can be the suitable preference in case you are searching out extra nutrients and minerals on your food plan. This antioxidant-rich vegetable comes in inexperienced and pink colors,

Fennel (3.65 carbs per cup)

fewer humans make use of the fennel bulb in regular recipes. Fennel can be used in fresh or uncooked recipes as a sweet addition to salads, soups and sauces. 

Eggplant (2.36 carbs per cup)

A 2019 randomized managed trial determined that eggplant intake could advantage physical and intellectual fitness. Eggplant is rich in choline esters, which the look at found benefit blood stress and decreased psychological strain.

Spinach (.34 carbs per cup)

Having more spinach nowadays ought to imply a sharper mind tomorrow. The leafy inexperienced is packed with magnesium, a mineral that a 2023 observe located ought to decrease the risk of dementia in healthful individuals.

Kohlrabi (3.5g net carbs per cup)

Kohlrabi is colourful, flexible in recipes, fiber-wealthy, and nutrient-dense. it's also a vegetable you could need to make use of more in your dietary sample.

Brussel Sprouts (4.54 carbs per cup)

Brussels sprouts have end up a celebrity inside the cruciferous vegetables world, finding their way onto eating place menus and family tables.  

Tomatoes (4.84 carbs per cup)

though technically a fruit, tomatoes are regularly utilized in meals and snacks as a vegetable would be. the very best way to consume tomatoes is thru tomato sauce. 

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