10 Pointy Nail Designs That Will Make You Look Twice

Rainbow Ombré Nails 

Take the Skittle manicure to the next level by creating a cool gradient effect on each nail. 

Psychedelic Swirly Nails 

These '60s-inspired swirls help further elongate the hands. Plus, the design is just plain fun. 

Negative Space French Manicure 

While you don't typically see French tips on stiletto nails, this cool metallic fine-line design with silver tips and double half-moons demonstrates that it is possible. 

Glazed Nails 

The glazed nails trend is appealing because it complements all nail shapes and lengths, including long, pointy nails.

Logomania Nails 

Wear your heart on your sleeve— err, nails — by paying tribute to your favorite designers. The matte blue base adds a cool touch, too. 

Starry Nail Art 

A little sparkle, especially in the form of whimsy stars, is always a good idea. Although this design is shown on baby pink nails, you can use any color as the base.

Iced Out Nails 

Of course, J.Lo has the most amazing diamond-encrusted nails we've ever seen. Don't be fooled by the rocks she has on her nails.

Tortoise Manicure 

Elevate the classic animal print with subtle flecks of gold foil. 

Dainty Floral Nail Art 

With a dainty floral design created with a nail art brush, you can transform your fingertips into beautiful bouquets.

Crystal Nail Accents 

For a more subtle take on crystals, bedazzle the nails in a vertical line for a sparkly accent. You can customize the design by playing with the length of the lines.