10 Short Christmas Nail Designs to Try This December

Another color that looks great on a Christmas manicure? Red. To make the perfect plaid print, use red, white, and light pink nail paint.

French Red Tips

Glitter nails are really fashionable in 2023, so this thick red glitter manicure fits in perfectly. 

Accent Nails in Peppermint

Matte nails are making a strong comeback. Consider an evergreen base with gold half-moon accents at the cuticle to tap into the trend for Christmas.

Evergreen Matte Nails

Zodiac constellations in the West 

For anyone who can't decide on a single nail look, mismatched manicures are a fun option.

Universal Holiday Nails

Consider a couple of nude accent nails with holly appliqués to add an intricate element to the dramatic manicure appearance.

Dainty Holly Nails

French manicures are ideal for people with short nails since you may adjust the breadth of the tip to fit your nail bed.

Tinsel French Tips

Leo Monthly Forecast

The dreamlike nail style is appropriate for all seasons, but with a mix of gold and silver glitter—or even a hint of pink—it's Sugar Plum Fairy.

Ombre Glitter Nails

This matte gold French manicure has metallic stars and gemstone accents.

Christmas Star Nails

We can't think of Christmas without thinking of the Grinch, and this green chrome nail design is the ideal way to pay tribute to the beloved animated figure.

Metallic Grinch Nails

If you dressed up as a child to visit Santa, chances are you donned a red tartan dress or suit at some point.

Festive Tartan Nails

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