10 Winter Nail Ideas You'll Want to Copy This Season

Crisp white snowflakes floating through the air, icicles catching the light as they drip-drip away, and comfortable pastel cashmere sweaters—all aspects of a wonderful winter.

Capturing the essence of the season in your beauty regimen is the ideal approach to ease into winter—and perhaps even appreciate it more. These winter nail ideas, 

 ranging from adorable snowflakes to Christmas greens, will assist you in doing just that. 

Use a wintry nighttime sky with dazzling stars as your nail inspiration. Begin with a deep, dark blue base and then add white

 4-point starbursts using a nail brush. Finish with a few teeny crystals in the center and a couple top coats to lock everything in. 

You can't go wrong with snowflake nails in the winter, but this winter nail design elevates them to a whole new level.

 Apply a sheer foundation, then use a fine nail brush and dotting tool to add white snowflakes. Apply a glossy topcoat after layering on thick, multicolored glitter. 

Polar bears are one of the cutest winter animals, so why not put them on your nails to admire? Paint each nail a different shade of blue for a paint

chip nail effect, then add an adorable polar bear face as an accent manicure. 

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