11 Bright Slime-Green Nail Idea

Choose a slime green manicure without any nail art if you want to keep things traditional and uncomplicated. To get this exact color, use C.R.E.A.M. Nail Polish ($13) from Cirque Colors.

Classic Slime Green Nail

With a drip effect at the cuticle, this manicure ties in with the slime motif. Here, the manicurist used a glow-in-the-dark base polish to completely embrace the spookiness of the design.

Slime-Green Drip Nail

I'm feeling quite lemon-limey with this mani. The hint of yellow accentuates the green just so. Apply a clear glitter lacquer over your slime-green manicure to create the sparkly appearance.

Lemon Lime Nail

This mani has so many wonderful details, like the squared tips and abstract slime-green design. This striking design may not seem low-maintenance at first, but it is exactly the case in this instance.

Edgy Slime Green Nail

Look no further than Hailey Bieber's Coachella nail art for evidence that slime-green manicures are fashionable. She added 3D chrome gold squiggles to the tone, elevating it to highlighter status.

Green and Gold Nail

Nail art designs with flames, hearts, florals, squiggles, and checkerboards are akin to a greatest hits compilation. It feels even better because the nail art is slime green.

Combo Nail

Imagine a rave for your fingertips with this mani. A little layer of iridescent polish has been applied to the upper portion of the slime-green nails to add a subtle sheen and sparkle that catches the light perfectly.

Glitter Bomb Nail

This nail art is eerily evocative of the classic heart motifs created by The Powerpuff Girls. We really adore how this mani is entirely one-of-a-kind due to the various artwork featured on each nail.

Mix and Match Nail

By combining the vivid color with a gentler green lacquer, this manicure creates a creamier interpretation of slime-green nails. Even though this nail art seems difficult, you can accomplish it too if you follow this tutorial.

Silver and Slime Nail

As you can see, a mismatched mani is always a good choice. To achieve a unique look, this design plays with light green and slime green polish in addition to aggressive black and white hues.

Green, Black, and White Nail

These green and pink nails immediately make us think of watermelons. Use Luxapolish Gel Color ($17) in Don't Trip and Kokoist Color Gel ($11) in Neon Toy Green to achieve this blobby manicure.

Watermelon Nail

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