12 Healing Types of Tea to Drink When You Have a Cough

As the days become shorter and the temperatures begin to fall, it can only mean one thing: cold, flu, and cough season has returned. While you should always seek the counsel 

of a healthcare professional if you are ill, there are several natural therapies you can use to relieve vexing cough symptoms. A soothing cup of tea is one of the simplest and most handy ways to relieve a cough.

When you have a cough, drinking hot tea of any kind can assist since it is hydrating, the steam can help open your nasal and bronchial passageways,

and the warm liquid is a balm for a sore throat and cough. But, in the vast world of tea, there are far more alternatives than just black, masala chai, and green teas.

Herbal teas can typically provide the most effective cough relief with added therapeutic advantages. We asked experts to recommend

the finest teas for coughs based on their therapeutic powers, anti-inflammatory properties, and other factors.

Licorice root is a popular herb that has been used for generations in traditional Chinese medicine. This herb alone has yielded over 300 flavonoids and plant components.

These bioactive chemicals have significant antibacterial and antiviral properties, which may aid in the treatment of the underlying cause of your cough. 

Furthermore, licorice is known to have "antispasmodic effects, which can be very helpful for treating coughs as they help relax the muscles of the respiratory system that are spasming in coughing," 

Rachelle Robinett, registered herbalist (AHG) and creator of Pharmakon Supernatural and HRBLS, explains. She goes on to say that licorice is "rich in mucilage, a slippery, slimy substance."

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