15 Lucky New Year's Food

The tradition of eating black-eyed peas has many origins, but all say they bring money in the New Year. As the proverb goes, "eat poor on New Year's, [you'll] eat fat the rest of the year".

Black-Eyed Pea

Round pastries like bundts, donuts, layer cakes, cookies, and more are believed to bring luck in the New Year. For year-round luck, try our sour cream coffee cake, mochi donuts, citrus olive oil cake, or caramel chocolate chip cookie tart.

Round Sweet

Because of pigs' girth (mmm, prosperity) and forward rooting, eating pork on New Year's Day is thought to inspire advancement. Sauerkraut is commonly served with pig on New Year's, but anything goes.


Many Irish New Year's traditions involve bread, therefore some call January 1 the "Day Of Buttered Bread." One involves slamming bread against a door frame to ward off bad luck, while another involves distributing baked goods with friends, family, and neighbors.

Buttered Bread

To bring luck in the New Year, cabbage and kale are traditionally eaten. They're traditionally served with black-eyed peas, cornmeal, and sauerkraut or pork. We recommend creativity!


In the New Year, sweet or savory cornbread brings wealth (its golden color symbolizes gold and other luxuries). Want to go further? Represent gold nuggets with fresh kernels.


Lentils, round like a coin, bring luck at New Year and beyond. They symbolize abundance since they grow when cooked.


When midnight strikes in Spain and Mexico, people eat 12 grapes quickly to bring luck for the next 12 months.


Long noodles, especially those made without breaking them in half, are believed to bestow long life in the New Year. Any long noodle will do, so use rice noodles, Italian pasta, ramen noodles, etc.


Fertility and vitality have traditionally been associated with pomegranate seeds. Greeks fling the whole fruit on the floor, releasing a sea of seeds to signify abundance in the New Year.

Pomegranate Seed

Fish represents abundance worldwide, yet local cuisines vary. Asians consume whole fish at Lunar New Year, while Europeans eat carp, herring, and cod.


Asian traditions think New Year's oranges and honey bring luck, wealth, and money.Our fruit salad, jalapeño citrus salmon, and sheet pan citrus glazed chicken recipes are perfect. They have orange slices with orange juice and honey. Bring the gold.

Oranges and Honey

Since the 1800s, champagne has been popped to celebrate the New Year. As a drink linked with riches and royalty, drinking it at midnight (and all night) welcomes fortune for the year ahead.


The German tradition of breaking a New Year's pretzel for luck and wealth is longstanding. Eat it at midnight or breakfast on New Year's Day. Unlike savory pretzels, these have a sweet dough like babka or brioche.


Dumplings are a global New Year's custom, from Chinese  (jiao zi) to Russian pelmeni (shown). Prosperity, riches, and health are symbolized by their money sack or coin shapes.


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