$2,000. Quarter? Take This 2004 Coin Out of Your Pockets Before Using It

Consider this the next time you throw a quarter into the gumball machine at your neighborhood supermarket: 

That piece of gum can end up costing you much more.

Everything is dependent on the kind of quarter you use. It might be worth at least $30,

if it's a Wisconsin state quarter from 2004, and possibly much more. 

Most Wisconsin quarters from 2004 are still worth their face value of 25 cents. However,

a few have faults in them, which elevates them to the status of collector's items.

According to WLAC, the back of every quarter in that series features an ear of corn, a wheel of cheese, and a cow. 

If you have one, examine the corn carefully, focusing especially on the leaf. An informative video on the topic, posted by TikTok user @coinhub, is attached below.

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