3 Zodiac Signs Friendships Improve On November 19, 2023

When we have a Mercury transit, we often assume that something is 'off' when it comes to communication and being able to speak up, get our point across, yada yada yada.

Because we're practically at the end of the year, we've definitely had our fair share of problems... and we're either over them or absolutely ready to be.

This is why, on November 19, 2023, when the Moon sextiles Mercury, we may find ourselves speeding up.

 various aspects of our lives... and enhancing our friendships may be one of them..

Speed moves our hand, which essentially means that when it comes to our good friendship, we want to know they are in good standing, healthy, and able to continue.

You care about your pals and wish to keep them close. You've seen friendships come and go, and while you know you played a role in the demise of some

of those connections, you understand that's just the way life is. It's a game of give and take, and if you have to lose a few, 'oh well.' Nonetheless,

you've managed to keep a few very important people in your life, and you've grown to trust them in ways that can only be described as 'excellent friends.'

You don't want to lose these folks... ever. During the Moon sextile Mercury transit, you'll want to make it clear to these folks that you want them in your life 

and that they are vital to you. There will be no more arrogance or taking them for granted. You believe this one is on you, 

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