49ers Rumors: Richard Sherman Pitches S.F. on Trade for $94 Million Raiders End

It's possible that Richard Sherman simply wants to lend a hand to his former club, the one that he was a key part of getting to Super Bowl LIV back in 2019, 

when he was selected to make his sixth participation in the Pro Bowl during his successful career.

It's possible that he harbors some feelings of fondness for his former head coach Kyle Shanahan of the 49ers, or possibly for Robert Saleh, who was his defensive coordinator

in San Francisco and is now the head coach of the Jets.But in a video that he recorded for Volume Sports, Sherman, 

A former standout cornerback who is now a pundit for Amazon's Thursday Night Football, professes his genuine wish to see Raiders star edge rusher Maxx Crosby play for another team

maybe the Cowboys or Jets, sure, but the 49ers first and foremost. Crosby is now on the roster of the Raiders. 

"Maxx Crosby deserves a lot of credit; in fact, he deserves a lot more recognition than he is now receiving. However, he plays for the Raiders,

and it seems like there is always something that is overshadowing him. However, Maxx Crosby has been a tremendous player in the National Football League for a significant amount of time

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