6 Christmas Nail Designs That You Can Easily Do at Home

Wrapping your hands around a steaming hot beverage is a holiday must, and the charming and cozy aspect skyrockets when said hands sport ..

a festive Christmas manicure. Consider small snowflakes, peppermint swirls, Fair Isle patterns, and icy whites.

We asked celebrity manicurists to show us how to do a few simple Christmas manicures that anyone can do at home.  

So put on your holiday pajamas, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and prepare for cute nail overload.  

Let's start easy with a silver-tipped French manicure. "This classic wintry take on the French mani features a bit of sparkly silver,

" says renowned manicurist and GLOSSLAB creator Rachel Apfel Glass. She recommends starting with a clear base coat to recreate the look. 

Then, using glittering silver nail paint, make your French manicure. Manicure tape, hand painting the tip, or a French manicure stamping tool,

 such as Dornail's Clear Silicone French Tip Nail Stamper, can be used. Plus, these Christmas nails will go with everything.

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