7 Ways to Enjoy Your Winter Garden

Even after your favourite plants have gone dormant, tending to the landscape can still bring you a great deal of joy, even in the winter when your desire to be outside may be dampened. 

You can still grow things and serve them at the dinner table even though the weather has turned chilly.

Plant Winter Veggie

Even though many plants lose their leaves in the winter, the garden is teeming with life. 

Feed the Wildlife

Planting trees and shrubs in the autumn is ideal because evergreens such as fir, holly, juniper, pine and cedar will add year-round interest to your garden, especially in the winter when colour is so scarce.

Put in New Evergreen

It's difficult to take a break during the height of the growing season to tidy your garden shed or sharpen your mower blades. 

Do a Little Maintenance

For a gardener, nothing is more thrilling than receiving the first seed catalogue in the late winter. 

Start Planning!

Enthusiasts of gardening understand that the true beauty of a garden lies not only in its appearance but also in what it can accomplish. 

Prune Shrubs and Tree

Winter days bring an earlier sunset. Make a few ice luminaries to add a little wintertime glow to your garden. 

Make Ice Luminarie

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