8 Best Thanksgiving Cocktails To Serve at Your Holiday Gathering

A Thanksgiving dinner has many vital components, including the main entrée of turkey or ham, sides, appetizers, dessert, and drinks. 

While making the right holiday drinks may not be as vital as preparing a turkey, having some festive beverages on hand can take your feast up a level.

Some people choose wine or beer to accompany their meal, but going the additional mile and producing some excellent Thanksgiving cocktails for your guests before or during dinner can make all the difference.

If you're used to mixing drinks for others, you might prefer cocktail recipes that are more complicated and subtle,

or if you're just getting started with at-home bartending, you might prefer a classic recipe with only a few components.

If you just want drinks for your dinner party but don't have the time or energy to mix them, 

you can take advantage of the growing popularity of pre-made bottled cocktails.Whether you're looking for basic recipes, 

more sophisticated ones, or favorite brands of bottled cocktails, this list of the greatest Thanksgiving cocktails will have something for you. Continue reading for more holiday hosting ideas.

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