8 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Are you concerned that you don't have the proper equipment for a successful workout? Don't be, advises Michele Olson, PhD

 an exercise science professor at Auburn University in Montgomery. Bodyweight moves—exercises that use your own body weight as resistance

can be just as effective as those done with weights or on expensive machines. Furthermore,

 the best bodyweight exercises translate to real-life situations in ways that the butt blaster machine cannot. (Discuss fitness motivation.)

"You can move freely without being attached to, or even contracted by, a weight machine," Olson said. "Functional moves make us better at the things

that really matter in our everyday lives, such as squatting down to pick up groceries or reaching overhead to put something on a shelf."

Try this bodyweight workout routine devised by Olson four times a week for six weeks for equipment-free strengthening. According to Olson,

you'll gain stronger overall over that time, which leads to a tighter body. Because the routines can be done anywhere, 

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