8 interesting facts about optical illusions. 

Subjectivity: Optical illusions show how everyone sees things differently based on their experiences, revealing the brain's unique way of interpreting visuals. 

Ambiguity: Illusions like the Necker Cube can be seen in different ways, proving our brains can interpret visual information in multiple ways. 

Size Tricks: Illusions like the Ponzo Illusion play with size perception, showing our brains judge an object's size based on its surroundings. 

Color Play: Illusions like Adelson's Checker Shadow challenge our understanding of color, revealing how context affects our perception of brightness. 

Motion Magic: The Rotating Snake Illusion tricks us into seeing movement in still images, revealing our brain's inclination to perceive animation. 

Contrast Influence: Illusions like Simultaneous Contrast show how neighboring colors affect each other, distorting our perception of their actual shades. 

Illusory Edges: Kanizsa Triangle tricks the brain into seeing nonexistent contours, highlighting Gestalt principles in visual perception. 

Depth Manipulation: Ames Room illusions distort size and shape perception by manipulating depth cues, challenging our spatial judgment. 

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