8 Trader Joe's Drinks Worthy of Your Money

When you think about your normal Trader Joe's shopping list, you probably don't think of many beverages. Perhaps a case of seltzer and some cold brew coffee for the week, 

 but nothing absolutely noteworthy. We understand that shopping at Trader Joe's might be overwhelming at times due to the large product selection

, but there are several beverages worth adding to your shopping cart.  

You might be tempted to sample all of our favorite Trader Joe's drinks, from a healthy spiced protein smoothie and freshly squeezed juice to cold brew iced tea and effervescent beverages.

Coconut water is delicious for a variety of reasons: it's refreshing and hydrating, and it can be used in everything from smoothies to drinks.

 If you enjoy the flavor of coconut water, pick up a case or two of TJ's Sparkling Coconut Water with Yuzu

. It's lightly carbonated and flavored with genuine yuzu purée, which has a pleasant flowery and citrus flavor.

Make your own spicy margaritas at home with this sweet, tangy limeade instead of buying pricey craft cocktails. 

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