8 Winter 2024 Hairstyle Trends That'll Spice Up Your Look 

For the first time in a long time, celebrity hairstylist and Conair ambassador Laura Polko believes that the bouffant is going to have a huge moment. All of it is a result of the recently released film Priscilla, which highlights Presley's life.

1 Priscilla-Inspired Bouffant

You're in luck if this season has you pining for some color. According to hairstylist Dhairius Thomas, you'll notice a lot of contrasting highlights, which may be achieved with just a few clip-in extensions.

2 Colorful Clip-In

A less polished variation of the bun was seen all throughout New York Fashion Week, from Khaite to 3.1 Phillip Lim's runways. This look will be quite popular in the upcoming year.

3 Messy Bun

Consider wearing your hair up with a stylish French clip or tying off a braid with a ribbon. Polko also suggests using a series of metallic snap clips to hold your bangs back.

4 Ribbons & Clip

As if ribbons weren't already gorgeous enough, colorist and Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador Ashlee Norman advises getting ready for the glamour comeback by sporting some sultry, swoopy waves à la Cindy Crawford. 

5 ’90s Bombshell Wave

The traditional middle part will still be in style come January, according to Brittany Johnson, senior brand marketing manager at beauty company Mayvenn and a licensed multicultural hairstylist

6 Rearranging Part

A fresh spin on the wet hair trend was showcased by models in the Miu Miu Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2024 collection, who were seen rocking day three hair.

7 Day Three Hair

Now is the perfect season to wear a long, low braid down your back: winter.Polko claims that this style of braid always appears stylish and is one of the greatest techniques to hide oily hair.

8 Glossy Braid

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