9 Best Easy Christmas Desserts for Your Holiday Treats Table

These adorable miniature cupcakes are ideal for any Christmas party! These Frosty-themed frosted cupcakes, topped with shredded coconut "snow," are guaranteed to please.

Snowman Cupcake

A colorful Christmas wreath can bring holiday cheer almost anywhere—even the dessert table!Following the creation of a basic white-buttercream cake,

Christmas Wreath Cake

These spectacular Christmas Tree Cupcakes are baked with strong coffee, which gives them a deeper, richer flavor as well as a little boost for Santa—or anybody else—staying up late filling the tree with gifts.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

These soft, delectable bars, reminiscent of a blondie and a sugar cookie, are our favorite way to fill off a Christmas cookie table.

Sugar Cookie Bars

Whether you're a Who in Whoville or a Grinch on the hill, we think you'll enjoy these brightly colored Christmas cookies! 

Grinch Cookies Recipe

These adorable snacks are ideal for a Christmas party! Muffin-pan brownies are dressed up for the holidays with pretzel twists, scarlet M&M candies, and sugar eyes.

Reindeer Brownies

These lovely French cookies are topped with a seasonal treat. Serve them with cups of peppermint eggnog, as shown, at your next Christmas gathering for a refreshing winter treat.

Peppermint Palmiers

This festive fudge combines the classic flavors of chocolate and peppermint. 

Chocolate-Peppermint Fudge

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