A New Dinosaur Behaved Like a Bird?

The tale goes like this: millions of years ago, during the Cretaceous period, a tiny dinosaur curled up into the shape of a bird to sleep, but it never woke up. 

That's the story so far, but what are the empirical details? A virtually complete skeleton of a creature curled up like a bird was discovered by scientists studying at the Barun Goyot Formation in Mongolia. 

This is a unique fossil. The evolutionary perspective was then used to date and characterize this creature.

Nowadays, the first thing we need to wonder is, "Did they find a bird or a dinosaur?" whenever we see headlines like, "Dinosaur from newfound species died in a pose that sheds light on evolution of bird behavior."

Furthermore, you're reading about a bird, not a dinosaur, almost always when the headline describes the creature as "bird-like" or as having "bird-like behaviors."

Evolutionists frequently refer to birds—even living birds—as dinosaurs because they are so certain of their theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds. 

Sometimes it's incredibly hard to tell if an article is about a dinosaur or a bird! However, as is the case with this new organism, it was probably a bird if it behaved and looked like a bird (as far as we can infer from the fossil record)!

This serves as a helpful reminder to read the news with discernment—headlines don't always tell the whole story! In addition, if something appears to be at odds with God's Word and you are confident that your reading of the Bible is accurate, compare the scientists' actual findings to their interpretations. 

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