A new study from the UK Biobank links sugary drinks to an increased risk of dementia.

Researchers investigated a prospective population-based United Kingdom (U.K.) Biobank cohort to examine links between free and intrinsic sugar sources

and the risk of dementia in a recent study published in the Nutrition Journal.

Dementia is defined as a loss in cognitive function that exceeds the normal aging process. 

There are roughly 55 million instances of dementia worldwide, with an annual increase of 10 million cases. 

Furthermore, while age is a known risk factor for dementia, obesity and overweight in middle age are thought to enhance the risk. 

Despite substantial study on dementia and its risk factors, no effective medications have been developed to date

and lifestyle and nutritional changes remain the key approaches to slowing the advancement of the disease.

Dietary therapies to decrease the course of dementia frequently address obesity and overweight issues. 

A low-carbohydrate diet is thought to enhance glucose control and minimize low-grade inflammation, as well as delay dementia.

As a result, recent research has focused on restricting particular carbs such as sugars

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