A US player sends Megan Rapinoe a clear message.

Megan Rapinoe retired from the USWNT last week, playing her last match in a friendly against South Africa on Sunday night. 

After her retirement, the USWNT will endeavor to replace her. 

Because Megan Rapinoe inspired the next generation of USWNT talents, emerging star Midge Purce is optimistic that someone will step forward to replace her. 

It's odd because Rapinoe usually says she does everything to aid, not inspire.  

But she's inspired generations behind us, and I know someone will step forward and take that job, Purce told ESPN. 

Nobody thought Megan Rapinoe would be Megan Rapinoe, but she's made it easier for the next to shine." 

Last week, Megan Rapinoe announced her retirement from the USWNT. 

On Sunday night, she participated in a friendly match against South Africa.

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