A Very Old House in Greece's Patmos Gets a Bright New Life

Patmos, known as the Island of the Apocalypse, was where John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelation during his exile in A.D. 95. 

The Byzantine Empire's rise led to the construction of the St. John monastery in 1088, marking a turning point for the island's fortune. 

Patmos attracted pilgrims and prospered through trade, becoming a hub for cross-cultural influences and commerce. 

Despite facing challenges from various invaders over the centuries, Patmos has been part of Greece since the late 1940s. 

The island's appeal lies in its preserved architecture, Christian traditions, and natural beauty, making it a sought-after location for vacation homes. 

Wealthy families from Europe and Asia, including the Aga Khan's family, have invested in properties in the UNESCO-protected Chora, enhancing its allure. 

The collaboration between interior designer Dimitris Pantazopoulos and architect Themistocle Antoniadis transformed a significant 16th-century property on Patmos. 

Despite the house's historical significance, little is known about its original layout. Pantazopoulos's redesign aimed to create a more open and functional space, reflecting the indigenous architecture of Patmos. 

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