Aaron Rodgers announces Jets' return conditions this season.

Aaron Rodgers consistently pulls back New York Jets fans just as they start to come to terms with the fact that a certain quarterback will eventually return.  

The Jets' big offseason acquisition, Aaron Rodgers, tore his Achilles on the fourth play of his debut against his new team. 

He's making sure that his improbable comeback stays at the forefront of everyone's thoughts with six games left in the Jets regular season. 

Rodgers stressed on Tuesday during one of his frequent appearances on "The Pat McAfee Show" that he is still not ready to see in-game action or even start making a decision. 

However, he stated that the likelihood of his return will depend on his health and the Jets' postseason prospects. 

"First and foremost, have I been healthy? So, are we still here? Do we belong there? 

Can we perform well enough to win? "Is it possible for me to intervene, safeguard myself, 

and perform to the best of my abilities?" he asked McAfee. "But it's health first and are we alive for the playoffs, second." 

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