Aaron Rodgers declares the Jets' official return date. 

Even though the New York Jets' chances of making the playoffs are pretty much gone,  

Aaron Rodgers still plans to return this season.The offseason expectations of the New York Jets were not met. Naturally, 

it's difficult to hold them responsible given that they lost their star player only four games into the campaign. 

The devastating blow to their hopes of winning the Super Bowl was Aaron Rodgers' Achilles tear.Zach Wilson didn't appear to have improved from the previous campaign, 

and the Jets passed up the opportunity to sign a more seasoned backup quarterback. 

It was already too late when they eventually chose to bench him in favor of Tim Boyle.This season, the Jets still had a glimmer of hope and a possibility to finish strong. 

After sustaining such a serious injury, Rodgers defied all odds, modern medicine, 

and Father Time to make an in-season comeback. For now, all they needed to do was keep the ship afloat.

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