Aaron Rodgers may play at Lambeau Field in 2024. 

Aaron Rodgers' rookie season as a quarterback for the New York Jets will probably start and end after just four plays, 

despite hints to the contrary. On the other hand, he might return to a well-known welcome party in 2024. 

The Jets schedule for 2024 will include the NFC North team that finishes in the same position within their division, 

as ESPN's Adam Schefter noted. The Green Bay Packers are currently that team. 

The dream is still alive because both teams are currently third in their respective divisions, but a lot can happen before the season is out. 

In addition, it appears as though the Packers and Jets are headed in different directions. 

The Jets are now 4-7 after an embarrassing 34-13 thrashing at the hands of the Miami Dolphins on Black Friday. 

They could fall below the deplorable 2-8 New England Patriots. 

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