Aaron Rodgers Must Play for the Jets This Season, No Matter What

Aaron Rodgers can now officially resume practicing for the next 21 days. Rodgers has previously stated that whether or not he plays in the 2023 season 

will ultimately depend on his own health and the Jets' postseason standing. Thus, the little administrative detail of today may or may not be significant. 

We are currently more inclined to think this is just something to talk about because the 4–7 Jets are on their third quarterback of the season and have a sneakily competitive schedule left.

But I want to make a case for Rodgers playing in this season, come hell or high water. You're already audible to me on two levels. We have no business dictating to someone 

what to do with their own health. Observed. Indeed. More broadly, 11 weeks after he tore his Achilles,

we shouldn't be asking a man who will soon turn 40 to run around briskly on a practice field and in games

 Noted and verified as well, having recently watched a video of me competing and obtaining a graphic image of the post-35 male athletic form.

On the other hand, we must have some idea of Rodgers and the Jets' relationship beyond a few weeks of training camp drills and a preseason game against the Giants 

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