According to a manicurist, there are 9 nail colors that go with everything.

You may believe you are a good decision-maker, but no one can blame you for hesitating — even panicking — when confronted with a nail color wheel at the salon. Do you want Barbie pink or vanilla chrome? Lip gloss nails or milk bath nails? 

As nail artist and content creator Amber demonstrates here, blueberry milk is the blue jeans of nail colors. "This beautiful, baby blue color takes inspiration from its predecessor, the milky manicure," Ami says. "

Blueberry Milk Nail

According to Streets, this is the ultimate classic manicure color. On Instagram, look up London pro nail artist Julia Diogo. "Red adds vibrancy to your manicure or pedicure and works well all year round, from summer vacations [where it complements a sun-kissed glow] to the holiday season."

Vibrant Red

"Surprisingly, lilac is universally flattering on all skin tones," says Streets, who believes the color has a playful energy. This year, pastel hues like "digital lavender" (lilac with a chrome overlay) and "milky lavender" (a sheer take on the color) have gone viral.


According to Streets, taupe is a truly versatile neutral, but experiment with other earthy tones such as olive, moss, and rust to determine which best complements your individual skin tone and matches your mood. "Go darker and choose a delicious chocolate brown to add depth and richness," Streets advises, recommending Orly Breathable Nail Polish in Double Espresso.

Earthy Taupe

Rouge noir sits comfortably between jet black and vibrant red. Though the brooding hue is frequently associated with autumn and winter, its red nuances really stand out in sunlight. "Opulent deep rouges are a decadent choice for a sophisticated nail look," according to Streets.

Rouge Noir

If milk bath nails are too subtle for you, but you still want to keep things simple, try sheer pink. "Barely there, nude shades make all nails look well groomed and expensive," according to Streets. "

Sheer Pink

"Black polish is always in style and instantly adds an edge to any ensemble," according to Streets. Just keep your nails short and stylish. "Choose a luxe, highly pigmented formula for a bold, high-shine manicure," according to Streets.

Jet Black

"Metallic-effect nail polish can work with any outfit; it adds subtle interest and dimension compared to standard colors," according to Streets. She especially suggests opalescent polishes in sparkling pale or pastel shades as a softer, more minimalist option.

Iridescent Pastel

According to Streets, when layered, this semi-sheer gray polish has the opacity of clouds. If you want a more opaque finish, follow Julia's lead and call this shade "licorice soft serve." Try It's Ashually OPI by OPI Nail Lacquer or Sally Hansen Namas-Grey with a drop of the aforementioned baby blue.

Overcast Nail

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