According to a study, a Taylor Swift fan died while waiting for her show in a climate-driven heatwave. 

A 23-year-old fan passed away in the hospital after collapsing while waiting for Taylor Swift's show in Brazil last week,  

bringing tragedy to the Eras Tour.Rio de Janeiro was experiencing a heatwave that was breaking records at the time. 

The highest point of the heat index was 58.8C (138F) on Friday, November 17.According to a recent report, 

the heatwave was partially caused by the climate crisis, which is fueled by emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. 

The extreme heatwave was caused by low winds, high temperatures, and a lack of precipitation, 

all of which are effects of human-caused climate change, according to study co-author Davide Faranda, 

who spoke to The Independent.Another co-author, Gabriele Messori, emailed The Independent, 

saying, "It is striking to see a heatwave this severe before meteorological summer has even started in Brazil."The intense heat had lethal effects. 

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