According to Clever Theory, the Loki Season 2 Cliffhanger Secretly Sets Up A Long-Awaited MCU Sequel.

The conclusion of Loki season 2 was indirectly linked to a previous MCU Phase 4 project, implying a bright future for a popular new antihero.

 Ravonna Renslayer's fate in Loki season 2 is unknown after she awoke in the Void in the Phase 5 season finale.

 Moon Knight season 2 appears to be more realistic than ever, with the possibility of further developing the villain Rama-Tut and extending Ravonna Renslayer's plot from Loki season 2.

The cliffhanger ending of Loki season 2 may have hinted to the much-anticipated sequel to one of Phase 4's most successful Disney+ episodes.

 Loki was released as a solo series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not directly connected to the larger franchise, but setting up significant concepts that have been addressed in following MCU ventures.

Most importantly, Loki season 1 introduced the MCU to the universe, which has since been explored by Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man.

The season 2 finale of Loki also teased viewers with a hidden tie to a recently introduced character, implying a bright future for the popular Phase 4 hero.

In the climactic finale of Loki season 2, Tom Hiddleston's Loki fought alongside his pals at the Time Variance Authority to alter the Temporal Loom

making it capable of taking the volume of new branches formed following the Sacred Timeline's destruction.

When Loki saw this was impossible, he shattered the Loom and took over its job, assembling the branching timelines and standing guard over the multiverse as its new protector.

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