Advertising Leaves Elon Musk's X, For Now 

I don't usually make bold statements, but this one seems to be the last straw for Twitter, which is now known as X. Indeed, 

the situation is depressing.Advertisers have been abandoning what I've frequently referred to as my favorite social media app during the past week. 

It all began when Elon Musk swiftly retracted his apparent agreement to an antisemitic tweet. 

Since other writers and book authors have already broken down Musk and his reasons for validating that tweet and seemingly ruining Twitter, 

I won't try to analyze it in detail here.Having said that, I regret that things are getting worse rather than better.

Musk then launched into a tirade that doesn't need to be repeated here following the antisemitic tweet and the anticipated backlash from advertisers. 

Let's just say that some reports indicate that the outburst may have caused irreversible harm. 

We should all be asking ourselves, "Why destroy your own company?"

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