After 18 years, Robert Downey Jr. says 'Love still in blossom'

With his wife Susan Downey, Robert Downey Jr. recently commemorated their 18th wedding anniversary. 

On Sunday, the Iron Man actor celebrated their anniversary by sharing two photographs on Instagram. 

The first picture was of their wedding day in 2005, and the second picture was an exact replica. 

Each image shows Downey kissing his wife Susan's cheek while Susan beams and holds a bouquet of flowers. 

She is clutching sunflowers and Downey is sporting a T-shirt in the contemporary version, 

but they still appear to be as happy together as they did on their wedding day."After 18 years, 

love is still blooming!" In his Instagram caption, Downey wrote.Many of their well-known pals, 

including some of Downey's Avengers co-stars, congratulated the long-term pair in the comments area.

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