After defeating Georgia, Jalen Milroe argues for Alabama to be the No. 1 College Football Playoff team.

In no other sport does the transitive property wield as much power as in college football. 

It's a long-standing tradition that dates back to a witty 1936 attempt to proclaim Slippery Rock national champion. 

This year, however, the rules of reasoning in college football are being scrutinized at an unprecedented level. 

Alabama's 27-24 victory against Georgia on Saturday sparked a potentially heated argument regarding the significance of the Crimson Tide's September loss to Big 12 champion Texas (and, by implication, 

the Bulldogs' loss to Alabama).After the SEC championship, Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe attempted to simplify things for the College Football Playoff committee. 

"I've got something to say," Milroe explained to reporters. "Isn't Georgia number one?" You defeated the No. 1 team. "What exactly does that make us?" 

Milroe makes a persuasive case, especially given Georgia's SEC-record 29-game winning streak entering Saturday. 

There were moments against the Bulldogs when Alabama appeared to be the best team in college football.But the stinging loss to the Longhorns remains, and we'll find out in a little more than 12 hours whether the CFP committee agrees with Milroe.

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