After Landon, Travis Barker's son, called Rocky, his baby brother, "it," fans reacted angrily.

Early in November, Travis Barker and his spouse Kourtney Kardashian had their first child together.

Fans of Travis Barker are the ones who pick up on all the little details, like potential family conflict.

A video of Travis's 20-year-old son Landon seeming a little unimpressed while talking about his new baby brother,

Rocky Thirteen, went viral on TikTok on Wednesday, Nov. 29.

Landon specifically said, "I have not," in response to Jess Lucero's question on SiriusXM TikTok Radio about whether he has "changed any diapers yet." And I refuse to be."

Landon said later in the conversation, "I actually haven't even held it."

Online, this statement generated a lot of discussion. One fan wrote in the comments, "He refers to his brother as 'it' is wild 😭."

Someone another added, "'It' 🤦‍♀️."

Another replied, "Bro the fact that he hasn’t even held the baby is CRAZY."

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