After Michigan's instant classic win over Ohio State, Tom Brady changes C.J. Stroud. 

Following Saturday's exciting 30–24 victory of No. 3 Michigan over bitter rival No. 2 Ohio State,

one of the most well-known Wolverine alumni made fun of a young player in the NFL.Earlier this month,

during an interview with former Ohio State standout quarterback C.J. Stroud for his Let's Go! podcast, Tom Brady made a lighthearted wager regarding Saturday's game. 

The seven-time Super Bowl champion offered Stroud one of his rings if the Buckeyes upset him because he was so sure Michigan would win. 

Stroud would have to make do with his youth and exceptional qualities in the interim."You got to give me all your youth, 

all your agility, all your time in the 40 and all your future years in the NFL if Michigan beats Ohio State," 

Brady stated on the podcast. Brady made a hilarious joke after Michigan's thrilling victory at home, 

saying the star signal-caller for the Texans was wise to avoid betting on his alma mater.

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