An analysis of Chapter 73 of Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone 

In Book 9, Chapter 73 of Outlander, Roger and Fergus make their way back home.  

It is now time for Bree and Roger to rely on one another for assistance.These are some of my favorite quiet times. 

They demonstrate the characters' personal and romantic development. This is one of those instances where the growth of Roger and Bree as a couple is evident.

Bree most likely would have kept what happened to her at the dock a secret from Roger in the past. 

Rather, she confided in him completely and looked to him for assistance. Roger might have said the incorrect thing, 

but he managed to pull himself together even though he nearly stepped in it. Instead of reacting, 

Bree paid attention to everything he had to say.I don't think anything is really hinted at in this chapter that will happen later. It is more important to concentrate on the pair as a whole. 

We needed these quieter moments of the two together in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone because we'd spent most of Written in My Own Heart's Blood with them apart.

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