An Expert Tarot Reader Tells Us Which Tarot Card Most Tarot Readers Don't Like to See

Although tarot is typically associated with fortunetelling, there are a variety of reasons why people use tarot cards and readings. 

People frequently turn to tarot cards to get clarity on a situation in their lives or assistance with their intuition. 

 Are they pursuing their careers in the right directions? Is their recent breakup a good thing?

 It follows that when asking such delicate questions, there are certain cards that people might be afraid to ask. However, which tarot cards are unpopular with readers?

Naturally, there are a few key guidelines to bear in mind before getting a tarot reading—particularly if it's your first one. 

 First, never go in when you're feeling particularly emotional, and second, always be ready for less than ideal results.

Therefore, avoid going right after a breakup. But according to tarot readers, which is the worst card to draw, 

and how would you handle a challenging tarot reading session? Theresa Reed, our tarot expert, has some excellent advice regarding all of that and more. 

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