Are Honey and Maple Syrup Really Healthier Than Sugar? We Asked Nutritionist

We are all aware that sugar should be used in moderation. Excess sugar consumption (including soda, doughnuts, ketchup, and salad dressings) can cause chronic inflammation, 

 blood sugar problems, and an increased risk of health concerns such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Consuming too much sugar has also been related to poor mental health and depression.1

All of this prompts the question: Should you seek out other, maybe healthier alternatives than plain sugar

to sweeten your meals and beverages? And are honey and maple syrup among the best choices?

Dates, agave syrup, stevia, monk fruit, and other naturally sweet sugar substitutes are available. Though some of these alternatives are newer to the market, maple syrup and honey 

 are two natural sweeteners that have been around for a while and are frequently promoted as healthier alternatives. Sticky, sweet, and oh-so-delicious

 it's simple to see why honey and maple syrup work so well in baked goods, coffee and tea, breakfast toppings, smoothies, and more. Is it true, however,

that utilizing honey or maple syrup is healthier than using straight-up table sugar? The quick answer is, unfortunately, yes and no (it's complicated!).

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