Are the Chargers on the verge of a rebuild?

As the Los Angeles Chargers prepare to face the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football

 the first 10 games of the season have exposed a plain reality about this team—they are, as the expression goes, "keeping on Chargering."

The Chargers' preseason optimism, inspired by their talent, caused some to assume that this season would be different

that they would finally overcome obstacles. Reality, on the other hand, paints a different picture.

At the time of writing, the Chargers were in last place in their division. 

unexpected ranking follows the Kansas City Chiefs, who have a struggling receiving corps, the Denver Broncos

 who started 1-5 but found a rhythm, and the Las Vegas Raiders, who had to deal with a mid-season coaching change.

 It's a position that doesn't fit with the Bolts' aspirations. Nonetheless, their self-sabotage persists,

whether due to defensive issues, coaching mistakes, or front-office dynamics.

This begs the question, "Are the Chargers on the verge of a rebuild?" While the answer may be a loud "no," given quarterback Justin Herbert's unquestionable talent, there is a clear need for a fresh start. 

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