Balls discovered in the water may contain alien technology, according to a Harvard scientist. Instead, a recent idea suggests industrial waste.

At the ocean's bottom, a Harvard scholar found enigmatic spherules rich in metals. He argued, quite controversially, 

that they may represent extraterrestrial technology because of their peculiar makeup.

This allegation was contested by several scientists, and one now speculates that they could just be industrial waste.

The assertions made by a Harvard professor that metallic balls found underwater could have been created by extraterrestrials have come under scrutiny once more.

Director of Harvard's computational-astrophysics centre Avi Loeb revealed in July that spherules recovered from the Pacific Ocean in 2014 were left behind from a meteor that burst close to Earth.

He stated that their peculiar composition implied that they may possess extraterrestrial technology.

Some in the scientific community criticised the remark, arguing that Loeb was making claims that were too fast and too strong.

Currently, an investigation might provide a more realistic explanation for the enigmatic spherules: They could just be a byproduct of burning coal.

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