Batman Already Has The Perfect Villain For Pattinson's Dark Knight Arc

The Batman Trilogy Finale: Explore Lock-Up as the ultimate challenge for Robert Pattinson's Batman in the third installment. 

Dark Mirror to Batman: Lock-Up's character offers a dark reflection of Batman's journey, highlighting the thin line between justice and vengeance. 

Obscure Villain Choice: Lyle Bolton, aka Lock-Up, is a lesser-known villain, providing a fresh and unexpected antagonist for the trilogy's conclusion. 

Arkham Asylum Connection: Set up Lock-Up's origin within Arkham Asylum, drawing parallels to Batman's attempts to reform the flawed system. 

Extreme Methods and Downfall: Explore Bolton's descent into villainy due to his abusive methods, mirroring Batman's early struggles with vigilantism. 

Authoritarian Mindset: Showcase Lock-Up's transformation into an authoritarian figure, emphasizing the consequences of a distorted sense of justice. 

Reflecting Past Missteps: The confrontation between Batman and Lock-Up becomes a poignant reflection of Batman's own past missteps and evolution towards true justice. 

Symbolic Showdown: The battle with Lock-Up symbolizes Batman's growth from a vengeful crusader to a symbol of justice, highlighting the trilogy's thematic exploration. 

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