Before His Death, Jimmy Buffett Worked on Pet Adoption Music Video

In order to promote pet adoption, the ASPCA and the "Margaritaville" singer worked together to create a special music video called "Like My Dog." The singer passed away on September 1 at the age of 76.

In this never-before-seen film, which was first released by Today to celebrate the unique relationships people have with their pets, Buffett is shown playing and having a great time with his own dogs.

The musician is shown in the opening of the video heading out with his dogs, dressed warmly in a coat, scarf, and hat. 

One of the puppies is trying very hard to get hold of the tennis ball he is holding in one hand.

Buffett says, "Hello, this is Jim and Jim's dogs." We have resumed our business here. I'm your man if you own dogs outside."

With a playful flourish, he continues, "Remember, we don't do frogs or cats. We just do dogs here at Jim's."

The footage pans to one of his puppies, perched in a music studio and manipulating a mixing desk with its paws. 

The song "Like My Dog" opens, and a montage of clips shows Buffett's dog companions going fishing, boating in the sun, and other activities with him. 

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