Best NFL Comeback Player calls Brady and Patriots 'Cupcakes!' 

The greatest comeback player in NFL history just intercepted the league's best player. Tom Brady,

the quarterback for the New England Patriots, expressed his dissatisfaction with the league's declining standard of play last week. 

Ineffective coaching. restrictive guidelines. Bad behaviors.Most of us just listen, nod, 

and take notes when a seven-time Super Bowl champion speaks. However, 

Alex Smith has an alternative viewpoint.After a horrific injury that nearly resulted in the amputation of his leg, 

the former first overall draft pick returned to the league to play. Not many are brave enough to take Brady on, 

but Smith is clearly more resilient.During the NFL Countdown on ESPN last Sunday, 

Smith retaliated against the GOAT for his 2023 league assessment.Smith declared, "I totally disagree with this." "I think that the game has improved."

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