"Blue Beetle" is DC's most successful picture to date.

From the countless stories of Batman and Robin to video games starring a slew of my favorite characters, 

most of my childhood was spent immersed in the intricate universe DC created in nearly every medium. But, no matter how many times they tried, they could never manage bringing that cosmos to the big screen.

"Blue Beetle" broke the company's streak of mediocre films and may provide the company with long-overdue redemption.

The film, which was released on August 18, features newly graduated Jaime Reyes (Xolo Mariduea), who comes into contact with the Scarab, an alien artifact that is crucial to Kord Industries' evil ambitions. 

Jaime must sacrifice everything to preserve his family, despite his newfound talents and an unfathomable link with the Scarab.

A concern I had coming into the picture was the CGI and technical aspects, which have been hit or miss in previous DC films. This time was a definite success, 

as seen by the excellent costumes and visual effects. "Blue Beetle" also featured a terrific soundtrack that pays homage to its Latin cast while also providing humor or suspense depending on the scene.

My main complaint, however, was the tempo. While the majority of the film kept me on the edge of my seat, the first 20 minutes were filled with exposition that dragged on much too long.

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