Booms and busts in fantasy football: Dolphins deal as much damage as a whole game in half the time.

On paper, Miami vs. Washington looked like a mismatch, and that's exactly how it played out on the field. 

The key was figuring out how to distribute the points and use the primary players. 

 Miami came into the week as the No. 3 offense in DVOA, while the Commanders defense was ranked 31st by the same metrics. 

You didn't need to be an NFL expert to predict how this game would likely go—Hamilton led 31–7 at halftime to eliminate any drama, and easy won 45–15.

The Miami passing pieces were practically in competition for about thirty minutes. 

 Tyreek Hill raced to four receptions and 152 yards in the first half, including two quick touchdowns. He was targeted just twice after the half, but at 12 games this season, he has 1,481 receiving yards, on pace to become the first receiver in NFL history to reach 2,000 yards.

Tua Tagovailoa, on the other hand, had a perfect passer rating and 215 yards at halftime; he threw nine passes (for 65 yards) after the half.

Jaylen Waddle posted a 4-49-0 line in the first two quarters, then had one reception after. There's no need to overextend your key players.

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