Brain Twister: Optical Illusion: We Test Your Ability To See All Four Dots at Once!

An optical illusion that challenges both the dominance of both hemispheres and our brain as a single unit is making the rounds. 

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We cannot, however, assert that we have discovered every tiny aspect of the human anatomy. 

The criticism of Blue Ivy's performance on the Renaissance Tour inspired her to work even harder in her training. 

Aside from the body, the brain has most fascinated us since our ancestors discovered that, despite its small size, 

this mass of tissues inside the cranium not only controls every movement we make but is also capable of much more. 

The left and right hemispheres make up the majority of the human brain. 

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 These two hemispheres each have distinct sets of functions to perform.

The illusion displays a 3D dynamic image with a rotating square on the right side created by adding + signs. Pay attention to the green dot," the caption reads. 

One or more of the yellow dots will disappear and then reappear. The dots haven't disappeared per se; instead, what you're experiencing is a conflict between the left and right sides of your brain for dominance.

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