Carrie Underwood's Thanksgiving song, "Stretchy Pants"

On Thanksgiving, Carrie Underwood "ain't messing around with those button up britches."

With 2.2 million views on YouTube since its release at the beginning of November 2021, her song "Stretchy Pants" might be just the anthem we all need this weekend.

The seven-time CMA award winner sings, "Time to celebrate the season, haven't eaten all day," in the song "Stretchy Pants."

My stomach is growling as I've been reserving room. I've taken a seat at the table and have enough food on my plate. With my fork in hand, I'm prepared to stuff my face.

"People know that I am a champion for a healthy lifestyle, but a big part of that is balance," Underwood once stated in reference to the song. 

According to KBOE Radio, there are occasions when we should practice self-control and other times when we should just eat, drink, have fun, and spend time with our loved ones.

The radio station reported in its piece that The Store, a “year-round free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs,” received a percentage of the song's proceeds.

"Everyone ought to be able to afford holiday feasts and the chance to wear their stretchy pants!" stated Underwood.

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